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  • Aerial Leak Detection

  • Integrity Surveys

  • GPS Mapping

  • Right Of Way (ROW) Surveys

  • ROW Aerial Videography

  • LiDAR Mapping (Fixed Wing)

  • Routine Aerial Inspections (Fixed Wing)

  • Emergency Line Inspection

The DOT/PHMSA requires that pipeline owners maintain their natural gas pipelines, and patrolling is a major part of that. 


S2 Helicopter Services LLC offers Optical Gas Imaging nationwide. Being a veteran owned company, operating out of Albany Texas. S2 is centrally located to the southern regions of the major oil and gas industry, our company has the capability to mobilize and deploy rapidly, usually within minutes or hours. S2 owns and operates industry proven Robinson R44 Raven II helicopters and offers real time optical gas leak detection using the state-of-the-art Sierra Olympic "Ventus OGI" optical gas imagining cameras. The Ventus OGI camera is fully capable of detecting over 20 gases utilizing a specialized narrow band pass filter centered in the methane/propane wavelength with unmatched resolution of 640 x 512. Our company’s gas division is capable of completing oil and gas leak detection surveys of the most intricate gas gathering fields, along large diameter interstate/intrastate transmission pipeline right of ways, over tank farms as well as offering surveys along inlet piping which supports the coastal refineries of the Gulf of Mexico. To complete this entire infrared gas leak detection platform, is the fully supported DJI Ronin-2 DSLR, 3 axis aerial stabilizer which offers balanced, gyro stabilized and undistorted video quality for optimal pinpoint accuracy when acquiring emission source details. Our goal is to help you with the detection of emissions brought about by the oil and gas midstream handling of oil and natural gas along with one of its main components, methane. Methane leaks will cause three major issues. First and foremost, it is a safety concern. Secondly, the environmental impact and finally the loss of a valuable commodity. Accidents from an emission source will cause a serious threat to people’s lives, property, social harmony and stability. Let S2 Helicopter Services LLC lead the way in helping your company reduce the triple bottom line effect of safety, environmental impact and product loss. 

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